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The Joys of Teaching Dance!

Jun 22nd, 2015

The Joys of Teaching Dance! For over twenty-two years I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to share the joys of dance with young people in schools. My work as a Teaching Artist in the Schools, formerly called Artist-in-Residence, has taken me to schools in several states, interacting with children from Kindergarten to Grade 12, and with their teachers. I love introducing dance to a hesitant group, then watching their attitudes transform to acceptance and then pure joy at the amazing freedom of movement-meets-music we call dance.


This past school year I was fortunate to work in several schools, with elementary and middle school students. We explored dance as a reflection of a culture or time period, putting ourselves into the experiences of someone else, different from ourselves. Through these experiences, we learn to respect people who are not our immediate friends or neighbors, people who live in different circumstances from our own.  Through dance, we discover ways in which we are similar and connected. Through these connections we understand others better and choose compassion over judgment and violence.


Here’s to more dancing in the schools, more understanding of each other, more joy in the world!


Please click on this link to read a newspaper article about a teaching experience I had in one school this year.  

Article about Deborah teaching in Auburn, Kentucky.